07 September 2017

Party Moodboard : Star Wars

Are you planning a Star Wars themed party ? Here's a party moodboard to give you some decorating ideas !

I haven't done a party moodboard since Easter ! 😱 I figured it was about time I did a new one. I have a list of party moodboards I want to do, and I decided on doing a Star Wars one (it might be because we'll have to plan a Star Wars party later this year for my brother, ha !)

As you can see, I stuck to a black, white and silver color palette. I'm personnally not a fan of buying every party supplies you can find that has your theme on it ; you know, Darth Vader plates and Darth Vader cups and Darth Vader napkins and Darth Vader cupcakes liners and... I'll stop here, I think you've got it. I'd rather choose a color scheme that makes me think of the picked theme, get the main supplies in those colors and add a few touches of the actual theme, like the Darth Vader balloon I've picked here. If you're planning the party for a child, you could add some Star Wars toys to decorate the room (Think something like these figurines).
Star Wars party ideas
Ok, now, onto my picks for a Star Wars party : 

1 - Give Me Some Space Twinkle Sprinkle Medley (Sweetapolita)
2 - Silver paper plates* (My Little Day)
3 - Gold star-shaped paper plates (Candle & Cake)
4 - Black & white stars birthday candles* (My Little Day)
5 - Table confetti, black white & silver* (My Little Day)
6 - Cupcake liners, black & silver (Sweets and Treats)
7 - Foil balloon, Dark Vador* (My Little Day)
8 - Space print placemats* (My Little Day)
9 - Silver stars foil paper straws (Sweets and Treats)
10 - Silver glitter plastic cutlery set* (My Little Day)
Bonus (not pictured) : Dark Side Sweet Sprinkle Mix (Sweets and Treats)

*Affiliate link used

Happy Star Wars party !

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