04 April 2018

My Easter 2018 Cake

Make an easy Easter cake with only a few ingredients and Easter chocolate !

easy cake chocolate buttercream
Hello ! This week's post is going to be a quick one, I'm afraid. I thought I had a few posts ready to go but it turns out I didn't. Oops.
As a result, I'm sharing the cake I baked and decorated for Easter this year. It's a really easy one. The cake recipe is the one from this other Easter cake, as well as the one I used for this nectarine layer cake. This cake recipe will have its own post soon (Update ! You can now find the recipe for this 4 ingredients cake here !)! The frosting also couldn't be easier : only 2 ingredients, chocolate and butter. Here is the 2-ingredients chocolate buttercream recipe.
To decorate, I simply used some Easter eggs and sprinkles, and tada ! A pretty, easy Easter cake. I hope you had a nice Easter weekend and that you got a lot of chocolate ! ;)

easy cake chocolate buttercream

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