Free Printable : Comic Book Cake Toppers

Hello, hello !
Today's post is a freebie for you : comic book cake toppers !
I created 7 cake toppers for you to use, whether you're planning a superhero birthday party, or you just want a comic book cake on a random Sunday ;)
You just have to print, cut, and tape them to skewers or paper straws.

Free printable comic book superhero cake toppers

Halloween Ghost Meringues

Easy ghost meringues for Halloween
Halloween is coming and I've got an easy treat for you to make : ghost meringues !
You'll just need eggs, sugar, and some black pearl sprinkles. Once you've transferred the meringue batter to a piping bag fitted with a round tip, pipe some ghost looking blobs on a baking sheet : hold the pastry bag perperdicular to the baking sheet, squeeze while slowly lifting the bag and release. Add a couple black sprinkles for the eyes, bake, and you're done !