Easter Chocolate Cookie Bars

Save up your Easter eggs to make these Easter chocolate cookie bars ! These chewy bars are made with 6 basic ingredients and as much chocolate as your heart desires.

easter egg cookies
Easter is coming ! I’ve got a recipe for you to use up your extra Easter chocolate : easter eggs cookie bars.

Applesauce Oat Bars

Applesauce oat bars are very easy to make. They'll be perfect as an afternoon snack or for breakfast.

apple oatmeal squares
Random cravings are weird. I saw the box of rolled oats in the baking cupboard and instantly wanted applesauce oatmeal squares. Having never actually made oat bars before, I went looking for a recipe and found this one that originally uses strawberry jam. I wanted applesauce though, so I used applesauce for my oat bars (but I'll have to try it with jam because yum).
These applesauce oat bars are very easy to make (and they'll be even easier to eat). They're perfect as an afternoon snack or for breakfast : they are very filling ! They only require basic ingredients and one bowl (less dishes to wash – yay !). This recipe for applesauce oat bars is also egg-free.

Palets de Dame (French Cookies)

Palets de Dame are a specialty from Northern France. These cake-like cookies with a rum icing require only basic ingredients.

easy french cookies
And another recipe from Northern France ! After tarte au sucre and coquille de Noël, let me introduce you to palets de dame.
These cookies, just like tarte au sucre, are linked to my childhood. I remember the exact taste that the palets de dame we bought (from the same bakery we bought tarte au sucre from) had. I read a lot of recipes, before finding this one. Some had ground almonds, some said to spread a layer of apricot preserves between the cookie and the icing. I don't remember the ones I ate as a child to have had an apricot preserves layer, so I didn't write those down.