5 Summer Dessert Recipes

Here are 5 Summer dessert recipes, from nectarine layer cake to apricot tart and raspberry cupcakes. You can also get ready to bake French desserts such as Tarte Tropézienne or a Fraisier !

summer fruit dessert recipe

Nougat Cream Cookie Slices

Nougat cream cookies slices are made with a shortbread cookie base, nougat cream and a white chocolate drizzle.

nougat cookie bars squares
I have a giant jar of nougat cream in the pantry. That giant jar of nougat cream will expire soon, so I need to use it up. I looked up recipes online to try and find a way to use nougat cream in a recipe, unfortunately, every dessert recipe either uses actual nougat or they're recipes to make nougat cream (and I already have it so those recipes are useless to me.)

Fraisier (French Strawberry Cake)

Fraisier is a French strawbery cake : a génoise (white cake) is filled with crème mousseline and fresh strawberries. This is a classic French dessert.

french strawberry dessert
Fraisier is a fancy French word for strawberry cake. If you want to know how to pronounce it, go : fray zee ey. There, you can now say fraisier ;)

Strawberry cake (this version, filled with cream and fresh strawberries) has been one of my favorite desserts ever since I was a little one. Most birthday cake pictures from my first ten years on this planet are of fraisiers. I think it's because it combines a lot of my favorite things when it comes to desserts : strawberries, cake, and cream. A lot of cream.