24 November 2017

Free Printable : Holiday Baking Planner

Two different free printable Holiday baking planners to get organized for Holiday baking !

Free Printable Holiday Christmas Baking Planner
The Holidays are coming ! After sharing free printable recipe cards to organize those family favorite recipes to get ready for Holiday baking, I thought I'd share two free printable Holiday baking planners ! Yes, two different ones, so you can choose which one you like best !
These Holiday baking planners have a "Recipes" list for you to write down what you want to bake, and right next to that is a "Sources" column, so you can write down in which book/recipe binder or on which website you can find the recipe. Then there's a "To Buy" or ingredients list, so you can write down which supplies you need to have and buy for your Holiday baking.

How to download and print your free printable Holiday baking planners :

● Click the download link below.
● Click the arrow (top right corner) to save the file.
● Open the document.
● Print the document on A4 (21cm x 29,7cm/8.3in x 11.7in) size paper.

Click to download a free printable Christmas Baking List (#1 on the image)
Click to download a free printable Holiday Baking Planner (#2 on the image)

Let me know if you download these Christmas baking planners !
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  1. Pinned and printed! Thank you!! I plan to use the first planner now as I begin my baking and the second planner for notes that I can reference next year.

    1. You're welcome ! Hope the Holiday baking goes well !


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