02 October 2017

Free Printable : Halloween Jack O'Lantern Cupcake Toppers

October is here, which can only mean one thing... Halloween's coming ! And because Halloween is coming, I made you guys some free printable Jack O'Lantern cupcake toppers, so you can start planning your Halloween party :)
There are 6 different toppers, and there are 2 of each design, making 12 cupcake toppers ! (How good am I at math, huh ?) You'll have to click the link below to download the file, then print and cut the toppers. Stick them to pretty paper straws* or toothpicks, and voilà ! These free printable toppers will make even the simplest of cupcake Halloween party ready :)
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Click HERE to download free printable Halloween cupcake toppers
halloween jack olantern cupcake toppers printable
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