27 March 2018

Easy Apple Crumble

This easy apple crumble requires only 4 ingredients. Plus, it's got fruit, so that means it's healthy, right ?!

easy apple recipe
Once upon a time, I hated cooked fruit. As long as the fruit in the dessert wasn't actually baked with the dessert, I was okay, but things like warm apple cake or apple tart ? Blegh.
Then one day I decided to get over my fear of warm fruit because there was an apple crumble in the oven and it made the house smell wonderful. I tried it, and ever since then, I can actually tolerate cooked fruits in desserts.
This apple crumble is super easy to whip up. Toss the apples with a little cinnamon and sugar, and start baking them while you make the crumble part of the recipe. Once it's all baked, don't wait for it to cool down and burn your tongue with the crispy crumble (or, you know, if you aren't me, wait a few minutes). The apples get soft and obviously the cinnamon pairs wonderfully with them, the crumble is both chewy and crispy.
And yes, I eat my apple crumble from a bowl, this way the apples and crumble get mixed together for an even better apple crumble experience ;)

easy apple recipe
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easy apple recipe
Here's how to make this easy apple crumble :

easy apple recipe

Ingredients :
150g of butter, softened
150g of flour
150g of light brown sugar
5 apples
Ground cinnamon (optional)
2 tbsp of sugar (optional)

Instructions :
  • Preheat the oven.
  • Peel, core, and cut up the apples. In an 8x8in (20x20cm) square pan, toss the apples with the 2 tbsp of sugar and a sprinkle of ground cinnamon (this step is optional). Spread the apples evenly, and start baking in the oven while you make the crumble (150°/180°C).
  • In a bowl, combine the butter, flour and light brown sugar using your fingers, until you get crumbs of dough.
  • Take the pan out of the oven, spread the crumble dough on top of the apples, then bake for 30 minutes (150°/180°C), until the top is a nice golden color. Let cool slightly before serving.

  • easy apple recipe

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