04 December 2018

5 Cookie Recipes for Christmas

Here are 5 easy cookie recipes for Christmas ! From the best ever chocolate chip cookies to almond sablés, you'll be sure to find the perfect cookie treat to leave for Santa !

If I had to choose only one thing I love doing in December, it would be baking cookies. Cookies are so easy and quick to make, and there are so many different types ! Chocolate chip cookies (milk, dark, or white), double chocolate cookies, snickerdoodles, sablés (sugar cookies), the list goes on ! In this post, you'll find five easy Christmas cookie recipes to try this month.

Easy Cookie Recipes for Christmas

1. ALMOND SABLÉS (Almond Shortbread Cookies)

These buttery sablés (French shortbread cookies) are made using ground almonds and a couple of drops of almond extract to take the almond flavor up a notch. Only four ingredients and no eggs required ! Use a star shaped cookie cutter to make these more festive !

almond shortbread cookies


Soft double chocolate cookies are made with white chocolate chips folded into a dark chocolate cookie base.

white chocolate chip chocolate cookies

3. SNICKERDOODLES (Baking soda and cream of tartar free)

Want to make delicious cinnamon cookies that stay soft ? This Snickerdoodles recipe uses only baking powder, no baking soda and no cream of tartar involved !

Snickerdoodles no baking soda no cream of tartar


These chocolate cookies are topped with mini marshmallows : they're a hot chocolate in cookie form and perfect for Christmas !

Mini marshmallow cookies


This is my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. I've used it for years and it makes the best chocolate chip cookies ever. These are the ones that get left out for Santa every year ! ;)

best chocolate chip cookies

You can also check out all the cookies and bars recipes posted on this blog by clicking here, or check out the recipe index if you want to bake something other than cookies ! You can also search recipes by ingredients.

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