12 January 2018

The 5 Most Popular Recipes of 2017

I know, I know, you're probably getting tired of seeing these "most popular posts" everywhere on the blogosphere, but I really wanted to look back on the recipes I posted this last year and see what you readers liked ! I started this blog in 2015, and being the procrastinator that I am, didn't post my first recipe until October 2016.
And then I didn't post again for months. *facepalm*
Last February, though, I started posting regularly (though still not as regularly as other bloggers), and I feel like I finally reached a nice blogging rythm these past few months, which contributed to getting more traffic to this little ol' blog of mine.

popular recipes 2017
Here are a few highlights from 2017 :
– I started submitting my posts to FoodYub and YouAreBaker, which definitely helped people finding my recipes.
– After blogging in both English and French on every post, I created the French only twin version of A Cup of Sprinkles, to make things easier for everyone.
– Last November, these Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies were published on Foodgawker, and then this Tarte au Sucre was also published !
There is still a long way to go to make this blog what I want it to be, though ! You can be sure that 2018 will be filled with cookies and cakes and everything else !

Now, here are the five most popular recipes from the past year :


This quick and easy homemade white chocolate spread only requires three ingredients, and it can be made in the microwave !
Homemade white chocolate spread with only 3 ingredients !


Chocolate corn flakes clusters only require 2 ingredients. It's also a no-bake recipe !

2 ingredients no bake recipe

3. SNICKERDOODLES (baking soda and cream of tartar free)

Want to make delicious cinnamon cookies that stay soft ? This Snickerdoodles recipe uses only baking powder, no baking soda and no cream of tartar involved !

Snickerdoodles no baking soda no cream of tartar

4. CHOCOLATE CAKE (egg-free)

This delicious, moist chocolate cake is made without eggs.

How to make chocolate cake without eggs


This is my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. I've used it for years and it makes the best chocolate chip cookies ever.

best chocolate chip cookies

And the runners-up were :
6. Brown Butter Caramel Chip Cookies
7. Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies
8. Tarte au Sucre
9. Coquille de Noël (French Christmas Brioche)
10. Raspberry Mascarpone Cupcakes

You can also check out my recipe index to see every recipe that has been posted on A Cup of Sprinkles !

Thank you, dear reader, for a great 2017 ! Happy New Year !

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